9 Celebrities Who Vowed to Leave America if Trump Wins… SHAME on them!

Hollywood has long been dominated by liberals and far-left activists, and it comes as no surprise that Donald Trump is receiving a lot of backlash on the airwaves. But liberals have taken political opposition to a whole new level, many of them stating that they would pack up and leave the greatest country on earth if Trump wins the presidency. Besides the lack of patriotism seen in these sentiments, it seems that many have not fully through exactly what they would do. As Trump said in response, “Well, now I have to get elected.” Check out the full list to see which celebrities we’ll be losing this November.


#9 – Miley Cyrus


In a Instagram tirade, Miley called Trump an “f-ing nightmare” and stated unequivocally that she’d “move out da country” if he were to win the election. Quite the eloquent scribe, the singer finished her tirade by saying “Honestly f this s—t I am moving if this is my president!”