Once he reached the pinned down group of Green Berets, Benavidez ignored his own pain and administered first aid to the others. He also directed his own troops’ fire to make space for an extraction helicopter. Even with his wounds, Benavidez ran around the landing zone once the chopper arrived to provide covering fire while others loaded the wounded onto the helicopter. When the helicopter pilot was killed and the chopper crashed, he ran for the wreckage and pulled out the wounded, when he was shot again the thigh; but the guy could just not be stopped. He then managed to call in an airstrike, another extraction helicopter, and continue to administer first aid. During all this, a NVA soldier rushed him and hit him over the head with a gun. Instead of going down, Benavidez decapitated the soldier with a single swipe of his knife. It was only once all of the wounded were onboard the second extraction helicopter that he blacked out, but not before yelling, “Another great day to be in South Vietnam!”