19 Very Realistic Ways Trump Will Win the Presidency

Merely a week ago most would have agreed that a Trump Presidency, as entertaining as it may have been, was a bridge too far for the eccentric billionaire. Now, have multiple revelation regarding FBI investigations into Hillary Clinton, many new polls have put that prospect of a Trump White House back on the table. According to the latest polls, here are 20 possible outcomes that give The Donal what he needs to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

1 – The “Live Free or Get High” Scenario.. 

Key States: New Hampshire and Colorado

Polls trending towards: TRUMP

Two recent polls have Trump and Clinton dead-locked in both CO and NH. Remember, Trump won NH in the primary with record-setting turnout and a massive swatch on first-time voters. Its also helpful that there is a hyper-competitive senate race going on there with incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte edging out he opponent. If NH goes stays too-close-to-call early in the night, that will be the first sign that the “Live Free or Get High” scenario is in play.