Thank Our Troops Abroad For Defending Our Freedom

We often forget our troops in all of our military bases around the globe who are protecting our freedom and making our ability to vote in a free election possible. We’ve given you a way to show your appreciation, with each page you can comment on our post to a US Military installation. It may be a small gesture of thanks but it’s the least we can do as we reach election day and remember why it’s possible for us to vote. It’s never been more important to do so given the vitriol this election has created – we can all agree that our troops deserve thanks. Be sure to click through to each page and thank each of our military installations.

**Comment “Thank You” on Each Post!**

1. US Forces Korea

Our mission is to deter aggression and if necessary, defend the Republic of Korea (ROK) to maintain stability in Northeast Asia. The Service Members of the United States and the Republic of Korea have stood together for more than 60 years maintaining the Armistice and setting the conditions for stability and prosperity in the Republic of Korea. As a result, the Republic of Korea has flourished since the end of the Korean War and is now a respected, successful, and thriving democracy.