Over 200 Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Be President

Hillary Clinton is unfit to be president of the United States. Here are 200 reasons why and be sure to share with the election so close.

Section 1. Foreign Policy

1. Called for military action in response to computer hacking

2. Defended an illegal coup in Honduras

3. Claimed it made no difference whether the Benghazi attacks were planned or spontaneous

4. Corrupted a Haitian presidential election

5. Advocated for intervention in Libya, which has since become a failed state

6. Pushed for Libyan intervention based on spurious intelligence

7. Presented a Russian foreign minister with a “reset” button, mislabeled with the Russian word for “overcharge”

8. Called for a no-fly zone over Syria—a tacit declaration of war

9. Legitimized the illegal Honduran coup by organizing elections immediately after

10. Advocated deporting thousands of child refugees, a third of whom were from Honduras

11. Gave military aid to Egypt despite its failure to meet democracy requirements

12. Criticized Obama for withdrawing troops from Iraq, but failed to negotiate an agreement that would have allowed them to do so

13. Sold weapons to Bahrain despite its human rights violations

14. Compared Russia to Nazi Germany
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