Section 11. Non-Transparency

173. Went 275 days without holding a press conference

174. Barred reporters from health care task force meetings, violating federal law

175. Coordinates with super PAC Correct the Record, which spends hundreds of thousands of dollars harassing Hillary detractors online

176. Cut off press conference when asked about a poll in which she was losing

177. Coordinated with Democrats in advance of the Benghazi hearing

178. Failed to release Wall Street speech transcripts

179. Locked away senior thesis for eight years

180. Fought “tooth and nail” to avoid sharing plane with press corps

181. Dismissed reporters’ questions and told them to try a cold chai

182. Ignored reporter asking question about ice cream

183. Told reporters to try some chocolate instead of asking her questions

184. Evaded reporter’s question by saying she was going to have pie instead

185. Banned a national pool reporter from attending her events

186. Keeps journalists corralled in a moving rope line

187. Fenced out reporters from fundraisers

188. Scrubbed reference to her role in the Hondoran coup from memoir

189. Shut off the millennium party to reporters, with press secretary Marsha Berry giving the excuse, “It’s closed because it’s closed.”

190. Had a campaign staffer who reportedly threatened the Laugh Factory over comedians making fun of her

191. Censored and suppressed release of The Path to 9-11, which exposed that President Bill Clinton had an opportunity to kill Osama bin Laden and didn’t take it
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