Section 2. Racial insensitivity

Hillary Clinton…

15. Joked that Mahatma Gandhi ran a gas station in St. Louis

16. Participated in a racist joke about “C.P. Time”–the offensive stereotype that African Americans are frequently late

17. Imitated a “black” accent

18. Produced racially-charged ads against Obama in 2008

19. Asked, “Is it working?” when accused of pandering to the black community

20. Said to a black church on Martin Luther King Day, “The House of Representatives has been run like a plantation—and you know what I’m talking about.”

21. Said black men in hoodies are scary

22. Told Jewish political consultant Dick Morris, “All you people care about is money!”

23. Praised a KKK recruiter as a mentor and friend

24. Said she had experience with men who go “off the reservation”

25. Said Obama wasn’t a Muslim “as far as I know”

26. Told Black Lives Matter activists she would only talk to white people about racial issues

27. Used the racially charged term “super predators”

28. Employed Sidney Blumenthal, who stoked racially charged rumors about the Obamas during the 2008 campaign

29. Had staffers who leaked picture of Obama in a turban

30. Cited assassination as a reason she stayed in the race against Obama

31. Lobbied Congress to expand the drug war and mass incarceration, disproportionately affecting black and Latino populations
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