Section 4. Greed

46. Took $28,000 worth of gifts given to the White House back to her home in Chappaqua

47. Accepted and solicited almost $200,000 worth of gifts between her election to Senate (Nov. 2000) and her swearing in (Jan. 2001)

48. Demanded first class tickets on Gulfstream 450s for her speaking appointments

49. Charged children $2,700 to ask her a question

50. Charged $10,000 for a family photo with her

51. Has a history of not tipping

52. Received an $8 million advance for Living History, despite senators only allowing themselves to collect “usual and customary” advances

53. Quoted as saying, “What the **** did we come here for? There’s no money here,” at campaign stop in upstate New York

54. Gave no credit to the ghostwriter of It Takes a Village, as had been agreed

55. Tried to stiff the ghostwriter out of her final $30,000 payment

56. Fundraised instead of visiting Louisiana flood victims
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