Section 7. Policy

101. Promised 200,000 jobs in upstate New York, lost 31,000

102. Spearheaded the disastrous health care effort of 1993

103. Dismissed the potentially devastating impact of her health care plan by saying, “I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized entrepreneur in America.”

104. Ignored warnings that her health care plan wouldn’t work, claiming that critics were just “jealous” they weren’t in charge

105. Seeks to overturn the Citizens United ruling because it allowed a non-profit to produce an anti-Hillary documentary

106. Said she would put her husband in charge of the economy

107. Fought against a $0.62 minimum wage in Haiti

108. Promised to put coal miners out of business

109. Supports sanctuary cites

110. Plans to take 550 percent more Syrian refugees into the U.S.

111. Opposes D.C. vs. Heller gun ruling

112. Said businesses don’t create jobs

113. Promised to use executive orders on gun control and immigration

114. Led effort to regulate video games
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