Section 8. Lies

115. Refused to say she would never lie to the American people

116. Claimed she did not know she was voting for war when she cast her vote for the Iraq War

117. Claimed she had never sent or received classified information from her private server

118. Claimed—under oath—that she had no role in the Travel Office firings

119. Claimed she never received a subpoena

120. Opposed TPP after publicly supporting it 45 times

121. Denounced NAFTA after being its champion

122. Voted for a bankruptcy bill she fought as First Lady and then denounced after she voted for it

123. Claimed she and Bill were “dead broke” when leaving the White House

124. Claimed an economist was a Republican in order to legitimize his claim that she would add millions of jobs to the economy

125. Claimed she worked with Republican Tom Delay in the Senate

126. Reneged on promise to disclose conflicts of interest between the State Department and the Clinton Foundation

127. Said her Chappaqua land deal had been legally approved by the Office of Government Ethics

128. Claimed Juanita Broaddrick’s accusation had been proven baseless

129. When asked, failed to tell the FBI she had been briefed on handling classified information

130. Claimed she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary

131. Claimed she helped bring peace to Northern Ireland

132. Claimed she landed under sniper fire in Bosnia

133. Claimed she helped human rights activist Harry Wu be released from prison

134. Reneged on promise to visit Louisiana flood victims at a later date

135. Dismissed Gennifer Flowers’ affair with Bill Clinton as a “whale of a tale”—after Clinton admitted the affair under oath

136. Claimed the VA scandal was not widespread

137. Claimed she had tried to join the Marines

138. Claimed she was the target of sexist attacks by men afraid she would take their position in law school
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