Section 9. Email

139. Used an unauthorized and unsecured email account as Secretary of State

140. Had a private server installed in her basement

141. Financed the server with taxpayer cash

142. Sent and received classified information from private account

143. Exposed emails to hacking from foreign nations, as her server was less secure than a gmail account

144. Sent emails from 13 separate devices, while she claimed to have used only one

145. Brought her BlackBerry into secure areas of the State Department

146. Disposed of old devices with a hammer

147. Had certain emails shredded before turning the rest over to the State Department

148. Sent classified emails after leaving the State Department

149. Had lawyers without proper security clearance comb through emails

150. Withheld several thousand work-related emails from the FBI

151. Withheld several emails about the Benghazi attack

152. Had server wiped clean to delete all traces of emails

153. Lost archive of her emails in the mail

154. Blamed Colin Powell for her private email account

155. Was deemed “extremely careless” in handling classified information

156. Was deemed not “sophisticated enough” to understand classified markings

157. Did not know that materials marked “C” meant confidential

158. Did not know that discussion of drone strikes were classified

159. Compromised her account by clicking on a pornographic phishing link

160. Responded, “What, like, with a cloth?” when asked about wiping her server

161. Joked that she liked Snapchat because the photos delete themselves

162. Listed as an insider threat on an Army training presentation

163. Suggested she would not be criticized for her email use if she were a man
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