Trump’s 25 Most Valuable Assets… You Won’t Believe the Top 3

19 – Seven Springs… ~$50,000,000

When Donald Trump purchased the opulent Westchester mansion known as Seven Springs two decades ago, he had big plans to turn it into a luxury golf course. Two decades later, no greens have been built; the estate has become a lavish, yet isolated, family retreat.

Trump bought the 230-acre property, which straddles three Westchester towns, in 1996 for the $7.5 million. He spent nine years trying to get approval to develop a world-class, 18-hole golf course, a plan vigorously protested by the residents of the surrounding towns (Bedford, New Castle, and North Castle) over concerns it would draw excessive traffic and pollute adjacent Byram Lake, which provides drinking water to nearby Mount Kisco. Ultimately, Trump gave up on the golf course. Last year, after a long battle with residents and the towns, he finally received approval to subdivide the property and build up to 14 homes.


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