45 Chicks with Guns Ready to Blow…Your Mind

chicks with guns

If you love chicks and guns, welcome to paradise.  This collection of smoking barrels and gorgeous females is enough to drive any man wild.  What is it about a chick holding a gun?  Whatever it is, it’s amazingly hot.

This list features women and guns of all shapes and sizes.  It’s guaranteed to satisfy.  Saddle up cowboy, you’ve got a long ride ahead of you!

1. Booze and Guns


Hunter S. Thompson would be proud if he could see this young lass enjoying her booze and guns.  Party on!

2. Innocent Until Proven Guilty


She may look innocent, but considering she’s wearing no clothes and holding a huge gun, she must have a naughty side.  She did bring her safety glasses to let you know she cares about safety.  Safety first!

3. The New Gun Bra


It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on here, but the combination was a success.  Whoever came up with the gun bra idea deserves an applause.

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